The DeVries Law Firm, P.A.

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Call Now For A Personalized Case Evaluation!

The DeVries Law Firm, P.A.

“I fully endorse Shawn as an excellent attorney. I have known Shawn for years; he is highly knowledgable and ethical. His attention to detail and diligence make him a great lawyer. Shawn’s Estate Plans are very detailed and cover every eventuality.”

Forrest F., Insurance Attorney

“Shawn without a doubt has the most unique firm in Jacksonville. The environment and experience for his clients is meticulously designed to provide solace during a time when they are experiencing a stressful legal issue.”

Justin D., Consumer Protection Attorney

“Shawn is an excellent advocate for his clients. His drive and enthusiasm certainly stand out in his community. I endorse this lawyer.”

Thomas Roberts, Personal Injury Attorney

“Shawn is a highly motivated and dedicated attorney.”

Rachael A., Business Attorney

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