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Shawn A. DeVries, J.D., M.B.A.

“Thanks to my Mom and Dad, you’ll be served by a lawyer who has genuine compassion for you, and your situation.”

What Clients Say

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Shawn DeVries really cares about his clients and will go above and beyond for them.”

Genevieve H.

“They were very professional and friendly. I recommend them for any of your real estate claims.”

Shannon R.

“Personable guy! Have not used his services but may consider in the future for my business needs.”

Angie H.

“Very knowledgeable and professional when inquiring about estate planning.”

Rick W.

“Great experience, tremendous lawyer – Shawn assisted I the purchase of our new home. He helped review contracts and worked with the agents making the experience stress free. Shawn also showed up in person for all of the signings, making sure we understood everything and all our questions, including the ones we didn’t even know to ask, got answered. I really feel like he cared and went above and beyond.”


“You feel like family From when you walk into the office to the moment you leave, you feel like family with Shawn. His friendly staff greeted us and put our mind at ease going into our closing during COVID. Shawn was so knowledgeable and made the process fast and efficient. The way he was able to explain the procedure and answer our questions, let us know we were in the best place we could be. I will be returning for assistance with other legal services.”


What Attorneys Say

“I fully endorse Shawn as an excellent attorney. I have known Shawn for years; he is highly knowledgable and ethical. His attention to detail and diligence make him a great lawyer. Shawn’s Estate Plans are very detailed and cover every eventuality.”

Forrest Frederick, Insurance Attorney

“Shawn without a doubt has the most unique firm in Jacksonville. The environment and experience for his clients is meticulously designed to provide solace during a time when they are experiencing a stressful legal issue.”

Justin Drach, Consumer Protection Attorney

Rely on Us to Effectively Serve You in Our Areas of Practice:

If legal matters make you anxious, let me assure you that I will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. It’s a top priority at my boutique law firm.

And it all started in childhood.


I was lucky enough to have a family that instilled values in me that I’ve lived by ever since.


My dad John, a Vietnam veteran, is the hardest working person I know, which accounts for my own work ethic. He also gave me a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Meanwhile, my mom, Linda had a long career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She taught me how to be considerate to everyone and how to be creative in finding ways to help others. She showed by example how to truly care for people.

So it was only natural that I entered the hospitality industry.

I spent the first 14 years of my career working for both small hospitality firms as well as Fortune 500 companies, most recently throughout Central Florida.


Not only did I love pampering people, but also the idea in hospitality that these folks aren’t thought of as customers, but rather as “guests” resonates with me. That sets a tone that makes all the difference – between just pleasing people, and making them absolutely delighted.

The time came to make a major change.

I had always had a fascination with the law, so I eventually relocated to Jacksonville where I enrolled in the Florida Coastal School of Law.

Once I had earned my J.D., I decided to open a new law firm that would be based on principles I learned from the hospitality industry. Unlike other firms, The DeVries Law Firm, P.A. would serve not clients, but guests.

Mom was on board from Day One.

When I was forming this new law firm, I knew I needed someone who is great at making people feel right at home. I asked my mom to help me by answering my phones, knowing that the first interaction with our guests is critical. Luckily, she had recently retired, and was happy to help out. Besides interacting with guests, she handles our day-to-day office operations.

Success came quickly.

It turns out that people much preferred being treated as a guest than a client. They appreciated the respect and patience we showed. And we grew accordingly.


Within just the first year, I hired five new attorneys and even added a second office. It was all very exciting.


But then, about five years ago, I realized I was spending too much time managing these attorneys and too little time practicing law myself. So, I decided to relocate and to reinvent the practice, so now it’s just me, my mother (Linda), and an exceptional paralegal named Julienne Rolfe.

Julienne is a perfect fit.

Her background in hospitality means she already embodies our firm’s attitude as seeing clients as guests. With her professional experience in insurance and law, her keen eye for document drafting and thorough review of long contracts, makes Julienne an amazing asset to the firm.

I love to support the North Florida community.

As a member of the Florida bar, it’s an honor for me to serve as a Pro-bono Attorney for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc. which helps those who cannot afford representation.

I’m also delighted to be involved in JCI Florida the parent organization of the Jacksonville Jaycees aka the Jacksonville Junior Chamber of Commerce; I was honored to serve in multiple leadership roles including President of both the local and state organizations.


In addition to the Jacksonville Jaycees, I am a proud board member of the Jacksonville Exchange Club, former board member for the North Florida chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, as well as a member of Rotary International in the East Arlington Rotary Club.Moreover, I devote as much time as possible to the Jacksonville Bar Association and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce; where I am a past president of the Arlington Council.

Life after hours…

One of my great passions is distance running. In addition to being a group leader for the Jacksonville Jeff Galloway Running Club, it’s been my tremendous privilege to be the pacer for the Donna 26.2 Breast Cancer Marathon and the Walt Disney World Marathon.


Finally, I want to pay special note to my better half, Molly, and my daughter, Charlotte. I appreciated them for blessing me with their love, inspiration, joy in life, and great senses of humor. Considering what a busy life I lead, that latter quality is essential for everyone who shares their world with me!

To learn more about my qualifications, accomplishments, and awards, please click here.

I warmly invite you to put us to the test.


It’s one thing, of course, to claim exceptional service and quite another to actually deliver it.

That’s why I encourage you to call (904) 348-0030 and make that first step toward getting acquainted. Once we spend a few minutes on the phone, I’m confident that you will feel completely at home. You can also be certain that I’ll take great care of you as my guest!

Our Vision: To create a comprehensive and reliable network of attorneys that build strong sustaining relationships with our guests and within our communities by providing a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere, which fosters personal growth, teamwork, and profitability.

The DeVries Law Firm is a boutique law firm that focuses on bringing first class hospitality to the legal field. We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service to all of our guests. We understand that dealing with legal matters can be very stressful, so we try to tend to our clients’ every need to make their experience as stress-free and accommodating as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Law Firm believes that client’s success determines our own. Therefore, we ensure both by providing a warm, comfortable, and collaborative atmosphere in order to achieve our client’s goals.

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